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THIS IS MY LIFE BARBERING AND BOMBAS!I DO FLAT TOPS HOT TOWELS SHAVES POMPS MO HAWKS AND LOWER YOUR CAR!I opend my barber shop april 2006! This is who I am, A barber that loves cutting hair and making people feel and look DAM good!I love to build traditional bombs low budget mild customs in my spare time. please look at my calander below for shop hrs and future car shows. I will be setting up barber booths at some car shows this year! Billetproof! Battleborn!!! Midnite Mass! You can make an appointment on the calender below for car show events please leave your number or call me at 916 425-7766

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Nothin like a day at the shop


  1. good times, they dont last forever. Enjoy every second....

  2. I love the site. The picture looks like me at my
    Barber Shop